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   Termite Exterminate System Results

Company profile some of the buildings that the company has visited the area and found that termites. The termite bait you see is actually part of the termite bait system. The NANO BAIT ELIMINATION TERMITE and the box is one of the 3 stations of the station. Above-ground Station The work of termites. Starts with a poison bait called NANO BAIT. Put into the station for the termites eat. When Termites Find Termites Eat the wood and turn to eat only one grilled bait. When opening the box, many termites in the box. This is because the bait is designed to be like the termite and with the density to eat easier. Termites are more like bait than wood. Researched There are researches on termites that eat termites and then stop eating wood immediately. And thatˈs the termite term that will stop the damage to the termite building that is destroying it.


     Removal process starts with termites. The first group feeds the bait and returns the bait to feed on the other nest. The victims we use in the removal process will not immediately kill termites. If the victim acts prematurely, the termites will fall victim to the area that is inherent termite termites are resistant to the source of food poisoning termite work, the rest do not eat and prey from eating. Turn to the same wood. The removal process has failed.


     Termites that are used to kill termites in the term of termites only, the crisis is moulting of termites. The first to eat the termite termites in sufficient quantities, the body will grow the termites. The nature of insects must be moulted periodically to grow. Termites that eat termite will stop the process of building out the termite termite termite termites do not eat properly, so termite termites die.The number of termites in the nest will not know the cause of this death and will continue to eat the victim. When termites work most of them die in proportion. Termites, the rest will have to work hard to maintain balance in the nest. Finally, Termite is dead. Termites and other families die because they can not eat termites themselves. At the end of the termites are eliminated with bait. The limited process may take about 1 to 2 months depending on the size of the termite nests and the population of termites.



The bait we use to effectively eliminate termites. It also provides maximum security to residents. When compared to chemical toxicity (LD 50), then the termite bait. Not classified as toxic because it is less toxic than salt. Quantity of victims The risk of injury is 50%. 50%. In fact, it is impossible to have a chance of being poisoned by such ingestion. Therefore, the termination of the bait system. It has the highest efficiency and highest security in the present.

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